Site Management

Working daily to be the most efficient and dependable excavating and grading company possible.


Site Work

Working daily to be the most efficient and dependable excavating and grading company possible.

Top Grade Site Management, LLC offers a full array of services that allow us to take on almost any job (both large and small), agricultural, residential or commercial in nature. We have many resources at our disposal that also enable us to reach customers throughout the western Michigan region, from Muskegon/Norton Shores to Battle Creek/Kalamazoo, and from Holland/Saugatuck to Ionia/Portland. Between construction equipment of the highest quality, a well trained staff, and the latest in technology, we can take a project (turn-key) from being merely an idea, and see it all the way through fruition. We operate year-round and constantly aim for ways to be the most efficient and dependable excavating and grading company that we can possibly be.

Design Services

Top Grade Site Management, LLC has personnel on staff with over 46 years of combined experience in engineering design & best practices, as well as, project management and construction administration. We can take your initial concept, and design a tailor-made project just for you. By using high-tech survey equipment, we can provide you with a topographic survey that will help things get started. In-house, we utilize AutoCAD software to both design projects and to calculate quantities for bidding and budget purposes. We also have years of experience in getting jobs permitted (i.e., soil erosion and sedimentation control permits) and have good working relationships with many regulatory agencies, including: DEQ, MDOT, and county road commissions, along with county, municipal & local township governments.

Earth Moving

Top Grade Site Management, LLC not only uses the best equipment available today, but also matches the proper equipment to the job. We do not go overboard and bring unnecessary machinery out to your jobsite, costing you money in extra mobilization. We primarily use John Deere (JD) Tractors with both single or double scrap pans, both Caterpillar (CAT) and JD bulldozers, Hitachi and JD excavators, and an assortment of front-end (wheel) loaders ranging from JD and CAT to Komatsu and Volvo. We also use vibratory roller compactors, walk-behind compactors, mini-excavators, skid steer loaders, and much more. Members of our team are both courteous and professional, and always strive to complete job tasks in a timely manner. Our company goal is not to just complete projects on-time, but ahead of schedule.


Top Grade Site Management, LLC through the years has installed miles and miles of storm drainage piping, ranging from reinforced concrete pipe and corrugated metal pipe, to single and dual-wall plastic. We also have experience with catch basins, manholes, yard inlets, and other types of water control structures. More recently, pressurized, elevated sewage disposal systems have become a specialty of ours, along with the more traditional septic tank and drain field setup. Water distribution piping, concrete retaining walls, and mechanically stabilized earth (MSE) retaining wall systems have all been installed by our personnel within the past year alone.

Snow Removal

Top Grade Site Management, LLC has all of the equipment necessary to move copious amounts of snow from large parking areas. When the ice and snow is piling up, and you are running out of stockpile area, please just give us a call.


Top Grade Site Management, LLC has a strong working knowledge in teardown and disposal activities. Residential dwellings, multi-family housing units, basements, pole barns, abandoned buildings, grain bins and farm storage silos, fall under our extensive scope of teardown/disposal/recycling services.

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