Producing Recycled Material of the Highest Quality at Cost-Affordable Prices

Top Grade Aggregates, LLC is a proud recycler of both asphalt & concrete materials. This is a process in which asphalt and concrete rubble are mechanically pulverized into smaller “gravel sized” pieces. This recycled product can then be used as a replacement for natural road gravel and is often used as driveway and parking lot material; or as asphaltic pavement sub-base.

Asphalt and Concrete Recycling

Over the years, recycled gravel has become very popular with our customers, as this product is less “dirty” than natural road gravel, making it less dusty through dry conditions and less muddy during the wet season. In addition, crushed asphalt particles have a tendency to bind together during those hot summer days, as oils from the asphalt binder release, making it a very attractive option for those who can’t afford actual asphalt, but still like the look and feel of the real thing.

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Recycling conveyor

Portable Crushing Facility

Top Grade Aggregates, LLC operates a portable crushing facility that is comprised of a Terex 4242 portable crusher, a belt conveyor/stacker, an excavator/muncher, and a wheeled front-end loader. Our crew has become second to none in producing a recycled material that is of the highest of quality. They have also grown to be very efficient in setup and take down, resulting in a very cost affordable end product and operation, that can even be transported straight to your site for larger custom crushing projects.

Portable crusher